Full time 직원 모집합니다.

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Elite Logistics Corp.
• Location:
Compton, CA
• Contact:
310) 830-0013
Compton에 위치한 Trucking Company에서 FULL TIME 사무 직원을 구합니다.

모집 부문/Position:
Accounting Assistant - 1명 유무 경험자 환영(Logistic 계열 유경험자 대환영)
Customer Service - 1명 유무 경험자 환영

Accounting Assistant / Customer Service - 8am - 5pm

*Benefits: Paid sick days, Lunch Provided, Health insurances and dental & vision

Accounting assistant qualification :
 - Basic Computer Skills (Word, Excel)
 - Organize related paperwork on daily basis
 - Perform work accurately and in a time efficient manner, with strong attention to detail

Customer service qualification :
 - Basic Computer Skills (Word, Excel)
 - Manage daily delivery schedule and daily report to customer
 - Strong follow up skill
 - Must be fluent in English and Korean

**Must be eligible to work in the United States
**Please send your resume to emily@elitelogistic.com.

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