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Hyundai Bioscience
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Hyundai Bioscience is a Korean public company, listed at KOSDAQ (symbol: 048410). We are an advanced bio technology firm, specializing in novel drug delivery system technologies including anticancer drugs and vitamin C skincare products. Vitabrid® is our cosmeceutical skincare brand, featuring innovative transdermal vitamin C delivery.

Since Vitabrid was first introduced to Japan market in 2014, followed by Korea, China, Russia and Europe, its main feature items like FACE and HAIR have received phenomenal responses from both consumers and media. These days more than 4 million Vitabrid items are sold a year in Japan alone. Since 2017, Vitabrid has been sold exclusively at Barneys New York stores nationwide, and it will be marketed to general U.S. consumers starting from November 2019 through its direct-to-consumer website, vitabrid.com

Hyundai Bioscience established its subsidiary branch, Vitabrid Inc., in Beverly Hills, California, to operate its online platform to market and sell Vitabrid merchandises in collaboration with some of top marketing agencies. Now Vitabrid Inc. is offering multiple job opportunities. We are looking for enthusiastic candidates for the position of:
- E-commerce Operations Associates

If you are a qualifying candidate, you must be:
- Bilingual in Korean-English (must be fluent in both languages)
- 4 year college graduate with B.A. degree
- At least 2+ years of experience required in E-commerce operation or E-commerce merchandising
- Expertise in sales forecasting, sales/inventory analysis, market trend research

- Good inter-personal character, conversational skill, and team-player mindset

We offer very high (if not highest) compensation, because we know how important it is to respect and invest in our own employees. For your reference, our starting salary for entry level is $50,000/year or more.

You may want to check our Korea headquarters’ corporate website www.hyundaibioscience.com or our US internet marketplace www.vitabrid.com for more information.

If you are qualified (or even if you doubt it slightly), please send your resume to hr@vitabrid.com


See you soon!

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