Accounting Manager, Accounting Assistant, Import production

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A manufacture company located at Vernon is now looking for the Accounting Manager, who will be responsible for managing the relationships with our Accounting team and vendors. Candidates must be organized, detail oriented, time management skills, and willingness!


Job duties will be following:

  1. Provide administrative support to CEO.

  2. Prepare daily and monthly reports for forecasting revenue and expenses.

  3. Weekly AP budgeting for the Vendor pay.

  4. Relevant to preparing documents for CPA and bank related documents.

  5. Responsible for managing HR Department for inside office and for the future candidates.

  6. Payroll/bank accounts reconciliation.

  7. Must know how to handle QuickBooks.

  8. Review/handle legal documents and issues.

  9. Proficient in both spoken and written English.

 10. Must be legal to work in USA.

 11. Knowing how to use LAMBS program is plus.

 12. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance required.

 13. 5+ years’ experience.


And, also we are looking for the Accounting Assistant.

Job duties will be following:

  ‐ Attention to detail with emphasis on accuracy and quality.

  ‐ Exceptional customer service skills with manners.

  ‐ Must be computer, MS office (Words, Excel) literate.

  ‐ Minimum 2 years of accounting experience.

  ‐ Must be eligible to work in the US.


Also we are looking for the​ Import production.

Job duties will be following:  

  ‐ 3년 이상의 Import production 경력 있으신 분.

  ‐ Excel 과 LAMBS 사용 가능 하신 분

  ‐ Vendor 들과의 관계가 있으신 분

  ‐ 차분하고 꼼꼼히 일하실 분

  ‐ 일하는데 결격 사유가 없으신 분

  ‐ 한국어와 영어가 가능하신 분


Please submit your resume to 

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