Design Assistant/ Warehouse Staff/ Tradeshow Sales Associate

 조회수: 1500
여성의류 회사
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Los Angeles, CA
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We are a young contemporary clothing company located near Downtown Los Angeles with an opening for a Full-Time positions.

Downtown에 있는 여성의류 회사 Olivaceous 에서 저희와 같이 함께 일하실 분을 찾습니다. 
자격조건에 해당하시는 분은 이력서를 보내주시면 확인 후 연락드리도록 하겠습니다. 

Design Assistant

 • Entry level position. No experience required
 • Korean / English (bilingual) 
 • Fashion degree preferred
 • Multi-faceted, detail-oriented, & highly organized individual 

 • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks



Customer Service 

 • preferred language: English

Packing Staff

 • preferred language: English


Tradeshow Sales Associate

 • Mmust be able to attend domestic trade shows

 • ​Establish/maintain new accounts and process/follow up PO with buyers

 • ​Excellent communication and presentation skills

 • ​Organized and detail oriented

 • Korean/ English (bilingual)

 • ​Must have a flexible schedule (travel on the weekends)

 • ​Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks

To apply, please send us your resume and a brief paragraph about yourself to

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