Amazon Assistant/ FashionGO Operator

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Los Angeles, CA
Jeena Yang

1.   Amazon Assistant

     •   Fluent in both English & Korean
     •   Detail-oriented & Organized
     •   Must be able to pay attention to detail or follow instructions carefully
     •   Must have a car to be able to commute to warehouses in other location
     •   Have a keen interest in Women apparel – specifically junior basics
     •   Moderate technical knowledge: MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint
     •   Experience in managing social media platforms
     •   Some marketing knowledge is a plus but not required
     •   Photoshop & Quickbook is a plus but not required
     •   Experience with various e-commerce platform is a plus but not required
     •   Shipping & handling experience but not required
2.   FashionGO Operator
     •   Minimum of 2+ years of experience in the apparel industry & FashionGO platform
     •   Processing & shipping all FashionGO orders daily
     •   Able to follow-up with returning customers and keep them up to date on new styles
     •   Ability to manage social media platform, advertisement, and weekly email campaigns
     •   Able to communicate with designers and be a team player
     •   Must be able to provide top customer service satisfaction
     •   Photoshop is a plus but not required

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