K-TOWN & DTLA 내과 Receptionist/ L.V.N

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Internal medicine Los Angeles
LA Koreatown, CA

Receptionist/ MA/ LVN

LA한인타운 6가에 위치한 내과에서 함께 일하실 분을 찾습니다.  

Full-time (4 – 5 days a week) or Part time (2 – 3 days a week)

  •  Receptionist – $15/hour 
  •  L.V.N – $18/hour 

꼼꼼하고 상냥하 신 분, 젊고 실력 있는 의사 선생님과 함께 성장하실 분은 
하기 자격 조건을 확인하시고 internalmedicinehr@gmail.com 으로 이력서 보내 주세요. 

  •  Minimum GED/ High School diploma 
  •  Prefer Bachelor’s Degree in Science 
  •  Prefer medical background: Phlebotomist/or C.N.A/or M.A/or L.V.N Medical license 
  •  Fluent in English and Korean
  •  Computer Savvy
  •  Legal working status in the U.S 

경험 없이 바로 라이센스 취득하신 분, 배우면서 일 하실 분 환영합니다. 
Full time에 한해서 Benefit 은 1년 이 후에 협상/조정 하실 수 있습니다. 

Job duties 
  •  Manage phone calls from patients and medical related organizations such as hospitals and pharmacies. 
  •  Schedule appointments, prepare charts and consent forms. 
  •  Verify patient information, record medical history; confirm and report purpose of visit. 
  •  Take vital signs: blood pressure, weight, height and temperature.
  •  Secure patient information and maintain patient confidentiality. 
  •  Maintain safe, secure, and healthy work environment by complying with legal regulations. 
  •  Provide patient education within the scope of practice. 
  •  Perform various medical practice within the scope given by each license.

Compensation: competitive 
Job Type: Full-time or Part time (3 – 4 days a week) 
Hours 8:00am – 5:00pm

Please send resume via

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