Licensed Customs Broker | 5 year Experience+

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FNS Customs Brokers
Torrance, CA
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 •​​ Administrative tasks in the customs brokerage department servicing the clients, providing customer service as well as 
   maintaining revenues from the client base and contracted vendors.
 •​​ File break/down, classifying data entry, photocopying, scanning and some assembling of entries.
 •​​ Electronic customs entry filing on behalf of the importers
 •​​ Auditing customs entries, commercial documents, applying harmonized tariff schedule code for accurate duty assessment and 
   to ensure all federal requirements are met.
 •​​ Document review and assessment of accuracy, verifying country of origin/export, terms of sale and value to ensure that 
   compliance and federal regulation requirements are achieved.
 •​​ Daily follow up on documentation discrepancy issues which requires the ability to troubleshoot and communicate effectively, 
   both verbally and in writing with U.S. Customs officers, customers, and foreign origins.
 •​​ Consulting about AD/CVD, quota, safeguard, drawback, SEC. 201, 301, 232, 337, Etc.
 •​​ Monitor and assist other entry filers
 •​​ Position may require a weekend schedule on a department rotation basis and not limited to working a holiday schedule based 
   on the needs of the operation and requirements of the account.

Minimum Requirements:
 •​​ Experienced in customs brokerage filed at least 5 years
 •​​ Bachelor’s degree (Preferred)
 •​​ Proficiency in Microsoft Office
 •​​ Accurate and rapid data entry
 •​​ Strong attention to detail, and ability to multi-task
 •​​ Excellent verbal and written communications skills
 •​​ Fluent in Korean and English
 •​​ Proven organizational skills

 •​​ Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
 •​​ Life Insurance
 •​​ Paid Time Off
 •​​ Paid Sick Leave
 •​​ Matching 401k Employee Retirement Plan
 •​​ Additional Benefits Available

FNS Customs Brokers, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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