E-commerce Associate Entry Level Full-Time Position

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iWorkz, Inc.
Corona/ Temecula, CA
E-commerce Associate Entry Level Full-Time Position
** NO experience required **

Responsibilities and Duties
• Prepare customers orders and ensure high quality packing (will be trained)
• Receiving inventory from supplies and keying receiving records into our internal system
• Assisting with the counting of physical inventory
• Picking/pulling orders
• Working on assembly line
• Labeling and poly bagging merchandise
• Preparing inventory for shipping to FBA warehouses or directly to customers

Qualifications and Skills Requirements
• Fluent in English Writing/Speaking, English/Korean Bilingual **Full Time Position
• Must be eligible to work in the U.S
• Basic computer skills
• Able to lift up to 30 pounds

• Understanding the basic fundamentals of e-commerce
• Experience in Amazon Marketplace, eBay, etc.

Employment Details
• All employees start Part-time will have opportunity for Full-time Job.
• Part-time salary starting from $13.00/hour
• Paid Vacation/Holidays/Sick, Yearly end bonus.

Job position will be assigned after 3 months training session
• Receiving / Packer Position: Part time position only offered
• Picker/ Office Position : Full time position to be offered after 3 month work performance evaluation.
• Full-time employees are provided with Health insurance
• Full-time salary starting $16.00/hour

Employee May Choose Work Day Options (3 months training period)
• Mon - Thu or Mon - Wed, Fri, 9am to 5pm [ 7 Hours / 4 days / week ]
• 1 Hour lunch break not included

Job Location
18501 Collier Ave, Lake Elsinore CA 92530

Please submit your resume for interview to resume@iworkzinc.com

Beauty & Home Fragrance 을 온라인 판매하는 회사이며, 풀타임 직원을 채용합니다.

모든 직원은 파트타임으로 시작해서 3개월의 트레이닝 기간이 지나면 평가를 통해서 풀타임으로 전환됩니다.
자체개발한 출고시스템을 사용하기 때문에 3개월 트레이닝 기간이 필요하며, 경험이 없어도 전혀 문제가 되지 않습니다.
풀타임은 Office 업무가 필요하기 때문에 영어 쓰기/말하는데 문제가 없어야 합니다.
급여는 3개월 파트타임동안은 $13.00 이며, 풀타임(40hr/week)으로 전환후에는 $16.00 시작되며 Health Insurance 가 제공됩니다.

위치는 91번 freeway Corona 방향으로 와서 15번 San Diego 방향으로 20분정도 소요되는 Lake Elsinore 에 Business Park 에 위치해 있으며 91번이 트래픽이 심하지만, OC Fullerton/Buena Park 에서 출근/퇴근시에는 트래픽이 반대방향이기 때문에 1시간 미만이 소요됩니다.
(트래픽 심한 LA 쪽으로 출근 하는것 보다 트래픽 반대방향인 저희 회사쪽이 출퇴근시간이 더 짧다고 생각됩니다.)

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