Warehouse 관리직원 (Operator) 채용

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Vatech America, Inc
Cerritos, CA
Mr. James Maeng
치과용 엑스레이 판매법인 Vatech America에서 하기 지원자를 모집합니다.

Vatech America
Who We Are
Vatech is a leading manufacturer of radiographic imaging solutions for the medical, dental and veterinary fields with offices in over 70 countries worldwide. As the US subsidiary of Vatech Inc, Vatech America is committed to providing the industry with innovative dental x-ray imaging solutions while maintaining a primary focus on ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care. From the world’s first 3-in-1 digital X-ray system to the latest in high resolution, low radiation CBCT devices, Vatech America is the clinician’s preferred vendor for their diagnostic imaging endeavors.

Since undertaking its global expansion four years ago, Vatech has ranked No. 1 in terms of the market share growth in the dental radiography industry in each of 10 counties with branch offices, 2 regional headquarters (Europe and Asia), and over 70 countries with local business partners. A factory in Shanghai, China has been established as an export base with the anticipation of the future growth in the medical equipment market in China. Currently, Vatech’s market share ranks No. 1 in Taiwan, Singapore and Korea. The company is ranked No. 2 in Germany and Japan, two major medical equipment markets in the world. The commitment to hard work and the dedication of the Vatech family will sustain the business operation over the next 100 years. Recent business growth, 200 engineers, 500 officers, and hundreds of employees will maintain the mission and become the industry role model with continued dedication in research and development.

Our Mission
With honesty and integrity, we strive to be the industry leader and preferred partner by providing innovative imaging solutions and first class client services that ultimately enhance the quality of patient care.

Warehouse 관리직원 (Operator) 채용

자격 조건
- Bilingual (한국어/영어)
- MS Office 사용 가능자
- 미국에서 합법적으로 근무가능한 신분 소지자

업무 소개
- 물류관련 서류 관리 / Initializing logistics documents 
- 장비 입/출고 관리 / Managing shipping & receiving including Loading/unloading delivery vehicles by a forklift truck
- 정해진 배치에 따른 장비 정리 / Arranging products according to warehouse layout
- Warehouse 재고자산 관리 및 실사 / Monthly physical count
- 포크리프트 혹은 Warehouse 경험자 우대 / Forklift skill & warehouse experience is preferred 
   (Training & Certificate processing for probational period)

근로 및 처우조건
- Full Time Position (Non-exempt Employee, $15~$17/hr) Regular working hours: 9 to 6 pm (Mon thru Fri)
- Pay overtime if qualified 
- 401(k) plan with company match
- Paid time off (paid holiday, 4 sick day, vacation, etc.)
- Competitive health insurance coverage 

- Cerritos, CA

접수 방법
jmaeng@vatechamerica.com으로 이메일에 한글로 간단한 자기 소개/희망 연봉과 함께 영문 이력서를 보내주시면 됩니다

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