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Montebello, CA
Mr. Chung
Montebello-(COMMERCE 카지노에서 5분거리) 에 있는 Woman's Apparel Warehouse 에서 직원 구합니다. 

JOB POSITIONS :     E-Commerce-(LA Showroom)
            Receiving Controller
                            Delivery Driver
                            Data input & Inventory Controller 
            Assistant Supervisor
      1) Photoshop, MS office, internet upload 가능 하신분 
          fashiongo, LA Showroom 유경험자 환영 

2. Receiving Controller-
      1) Require experiences in warehouse-(Prefer)
      2) Warehouse 에서 Container receiving + schedule + Organizing Stock & Inventory

3. Delivery Driver-
      1) ​Loading and unloading trucks, and vans+ shipping dept. related job duties
      2) ​Bobtail trucks and vans driving Experience Prefer
4. Data input & Inventory Controller -
      1) Proficient in Microsoft office
      2) Detail oriented
      3) Must have Multitask skills
5. E-COMMERCE Warehouse Order processing Dept. Supervisor for 2nd Shift-(2:30pm- 1am)  
      1) Support and Manage order shipments
      2) 책임감이 있고 성실하며, 좋은 COMMUNICATION SKILL 을 가지신 분
6.  E-COMMERCE Warehouse Order processing Dept. Assistance Supervisor for 1st shift-(7:00am-4:30pm)
      1) ​Manage and support order shipments 
      2) 책임감이 있고 성실하며, 좋은 COMMUNICATION SKILL 을 가지신 분
                  Bilingual(if possible), 
                  Must be Eligible to work in USA 
                  Pay Rate: 면접시 협의 
                  월요일 부터 금요일, And Saturday-if busy  -Full Time 

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