Designer / Sales / 사무직/ Customer Service clerk

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FSL Apparel
Down Town Los Angeles
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* 3년 경력 이상
* ​해외 출장 필수
* ​EXCEL 필수
* ​Domestic Import 경력 
* ​핏 보실수 있는 분
* ​합법적인 신분 

Sales Person 
* 영어 필수 (English require)  
* 출장 필수

사무직 구함

Customer service team is a fast paced environment where one has to be able to be attentive when multitasking with their work and customers. We process customers’ orders as fast and accurately as possible. Our objective is to help our customers flourish with our clothing. How: placing the right kind of styles in their boutique, following up with them to see how our merchandise does for them. Overall it’s to serve them with all sincerity.
We are looking for young, positive, and enthusiastic individuals to join our customer service team WHO CAN WORK WITH US FOR A LONG TIME. 

Key responsibilities for Customer Service clerk (include but are not limited to following): 
   1.  Understand, learn, and utilize selected computer program to process purchase order correctly and in timely manner.
   2.  Manage high volume, day to day processing of purchase orders, and invoices.
   3.  Organizing Customers Purchase orders.
   4.  Maintain high level of customer service that brings satisfaction to our customers.
   5.  Build and manage positive and friendly customer, associate, and peer relationships.
Key requirements for Customer Service clerk:
   •   Full-Time & Part Time
   •   Self-motivated.
   •   Team oriented.
   •   Reliable, responsible and good work ethic.         
   •   Attention to details and excellent organization skills.
   •   Excellent time management skills to handle multiple customers.
   •   Computer literacy (Microsoft office, 50wpm)


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