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Los Angeles, CA


Customer Claim Specialist - CS 운영팀 
HR Assistant Manager 인사​
Branch Management Manager 지점운영
Business Planning Analyst 기획
Sales Planning & Management Specialist 영업기획​​
Assistant Marketing Manager 영업기획
Assistant Sales/Marketing Manager - Retail Business 시판

Employment Status: Full Time
Location: Los Angeles, CA 
Work Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Customer Claim Specialist (CS 운영팀) 

Essential Functions
    • May be responsible for the set-up of claims including taking loss reports, establishing a claim file either through automated and/or 
        manual systems and obtaining policy information through the use of computer or direct contact with vendors, agents, or company personnel.
    • Performs a thorough investigation of the loss including securing recorded or signed statements, medical records and reports, proof of 
        loss, diagrams, photographs or testimony from technical experts. Investigation may be tedious and involve the exploring of less 
        accessible sources.
    • Secure assistance of specialists or outside vendors where personal judgment dictates the cost effectiveness and need for these services.
    • Evaluates and appraises losses and applies deductibles, betterment and depreciation principles in arriving at a settlement amount. 
        This may include writing estimates and acquiring agreed prices for property damage as well as assessing bodily injury and related awards 
        for personal injury cases.
    • Reviews all bills and estimates prior to making settlement or seeking settlement authority to determine applicability for payment under 
        policy provisions.
    • Prepares drafts, negotiates settlements and performs all tasks required to close a case and effect efficient and fair settlement of claims.
    • Prepares all worksheets, forms, documentation and reporting duties to create a file that is capable of being used by others to 
        monitor progress or continue efficient handling of a claim.

    • Strong Interpersonal Skills.
    • Communication Proficiency.
    • Excellent Negotiating Skills.
    • Organizational Skills.

HR Assistant Manager (인사)

Roles and Responsibilities 
    • Develop programs to enhance employee relations and offer employee support to each staff member
    • Ensure that the new hire orientation process properly introduces new employees to the corporate culture
    • Deliver compensation and benefit comparison reports to the executive team each month and make recommendations to improve 
         the company’s current offerings
    • Come up with new ways to measure employee morale and determine methods for improving overall employee satisfaction
    • Act as liaison between the company and outside legal and professional resources to ensure that all employment policies follow current 
         laws and regulations
    • Employee onboarding 
    • Compensation and benefits administration 
    • Policy development and documentation 
    • Employee relations 
    •   Recruiting and staffing 
    • Performance management and improvement systems 
    • General Affairs
    • Payroll Processing      
Qualifications and Requirements 
    • Preferred: A Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Human Resources, Business, or Organization Development but not a mandatory
    • Required: A minimum of 2 years of progressive leadership experience in Human Resources positions.
    • Preferred: Specialized training in employment law, compensation, organizational planning, organization development, employee 
         relations, safety, training, and preventive labor relations.
    • Required: Bilingual in English/Korean
Branch Management Manager (지점운영)

Roles and Responsibilities 
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
    • Manage a team of sales specialists that contact partners through, but not limited to, phone calls, email, mailings, fax and seminars 
         to communicate opportunities to extend initiatives with the company.
    • Conduct selling efforts as needed.
    • Facilitate new processes, tools, communications, training and methodologies to ensure sales program's success across teams and 
         departments throughout the company. Serve with other departmental management to facilitate relationships among members of 
         these various departments and locations in order to achieve the organization's goals and objectives.
    • Collaborate with marketing, support, community management, internal systems, product management and account management to 
         facilitate new programs, messages, campaigns and offerings.
    • Facilitate programs to gather requirements and features from customers and their communities to augment sales, marketing, 
         development, support, product management, and business and technology partnerships, and others as needed.
    • Identify revenue programs and facilitate finance, legal and sales practices.
    • Oversee resource planning, reporting, territories, incentives and communications for the assigned team.
    • Participate in client interactions to ensure cross-training, customer satisfaction and management involvement regularly.
    • Ensure reporting and communications is frequent and bi-directional.

Qualifications and Requirements 
    • A bachelor's degree in a business or technical discipline or equivalent experience in related field.
    • 8-10 years of overall business experience.
    • Working knowledge of the most current technologies and products used in the industry.
    • Required: Bilingual in English/Korean

Business Planning Analyst (기획)

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
    • Preparing reports, budgets, commentaries and financial monthly statements
    • Controlling and generating forecasts to assist business planning and decision-making
    • Gathering and analyzing financial information (regarding P/L, B/S, cash-flow, etc) for internal use
    • Evaluating the company's performance using key data
    • Developing and managing financial systems/policies
    • Liaising with managerial staff and other colleagues

Qualifications and Requirements
    • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance or Economics required
    • Minimum of 3 years of experience in reporting, consolidation and financial analysis required
    • Accounting/GAAP knowledge
    • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office (emphasis on Excel; Word)
    • Strong initiative and ability to manage multiple projects
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Experience in ERP systems, such as SAP is preferred

Sales Planning & Management Specialist (영업기획)

Roles and Responsibilities 
    • Create, analyze, and provide sales report data and support to management
    • Maintain accurate records of sales history in various forms
    • Perform sales and budget forecasting and planning
    • Assist in building mid- and long-term sales planning and business strategy
    • Perform other related duties as assigned

Qualifications and Requirements 
    • Bachelor's degree in Management, Business, Accounting, or FINANCE preferred or minimum 2 years of work experience in a relevant field 
    • Proficiency in MICROSOFT Excel, PowerPoint
    • Good communication, organizational, and leadership skills
    • Able to prioritize and multi-task; is detail-oriented, self-motivated and energetic
Assistant Marketing Manager (영업기획)  

    • 3+ years of total marketing experience, product marketing experience preferred.
    • Industry sales or marketing experience and related skill set including presentation and training skills

Key Responsibilities:
    • Launch products and ensure sales team has sufficient training and marketing material to support
    • Conduct market analysis as requested
    • Identify trends work to generate new product ideas
    • Create local marketing content (brochures, manuals, etc.)
    • Assist with special product promotional needs from Sales
    • Job Type: Full-time

Assistant Sales/Marketing Manager - Retail Business (시판) 
Role: This position works for all aspects of an organization's daily business.
This covers sales, marketing, new buyer development, dealer management, correspondence with customers and payment management.
This position also requires developing highly effective marketing plans through a deep understanding of the consumer and the brand's target market, which in turn, achieves profit and maximizes the brand's long-term potential.        
    • Creating marketing strategies such as brand positioning, promotion and public relation scheduling, and deciding on the selling platform.
    • Creating new selling initiatives, developing new buyers, customers, and sales channels, and positioning throughout the industry
    • Adjusting plans accordingly in order to meet the sales target.
    • Provide forecasts for selling products [Key Accounts to manage]
    • Manage buyers and sales channels such as, Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others

Qualifications and Requirements :
    • At least 3-8 years of experience in industry business development and/or research and development arena. 
    • Must have experience supporting the development of (ex. at least six proposals to commercial and non-commercial sponsors) or an 
         equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience.
    • Bachelor’s degree in business preferred or equivalent number of years of experience.

- Paid Time Off
- Paid Holidays
- Health/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance
- Voluntary Benefits
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