Network Technician

 조회수: 381
IK Telecom Inc
Buena Park, CA


Network Technician 0명

1) Network 관련 전문가 
2) IP-PBX 혹은 VoIP 관련 유 경험자 우대 
3) 영어 능통자 우대 

채용 조건 

1) 영주권 지원 가능 
2) 능력에 따른 급여 산정 
3) 남/여, 나이 불문이며 열정적으로 근무할 수 있는 사람 

4) Buena Park 지역에서 근무 가능한 자  

Job Description & Position Summary: 

As part of the IT Network and Telecom team, this role will support and enhance the voice and call center environment. The role will collaborate with peers, architects, project managers, management, business stakeholders and vendors on design, strategy, operational and project activities. 


Functional Focus Areas

• Contact Center 

• Voice and Collaboration 

• Routing and Switching 

• Telecommunications 


Other Benefit

• H-1B Sponsorship

• Reasonable salary depends on the ability  



1. Send e-mail to  

2. A cover letter, resume (Wishing salary)   

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