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About Us:
Umgee USA was founded in 2001 at the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. Now a leader in the wholesale fashion industry, we strive to develop and produce only the highest quality product and the most professional customer service. We cater to our market needs through a strong presence in tradeshows across the United States and through our e-commerce platforms.
As a growing company in this wholesale industry, we don’t plan on slowing down. We are always innovating, planning and thinking ahead. We’re looking for candidates who are professional and upbeat, carry positive energy and have team spirit to be part of our team!

Position: Design Assistant

Starting Wages: $20/ hr


• Must work directly with the Senior Designer

• Support both design and product development teams

• Extremely organization and must have the ability to multi-task

• Strong communication skills

• Skilled in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office Programs

• Highly interested in women’s fashion and is an open learner to new products and trends

Additional Requirements:

• Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design or related disciplines

• At least one (1) year experience as a designer’s assistant

• Bilingual in Korean and English preferred

자격 요건:

• 어씨 디자이너로 경력 1-2년 우대합니다

• 일러, 포토샵 경험

• 정리,정돈 잘 되는 분 선호합니다

• 성실하고 열정있는 분들의  많은 지원 바랍니다

• Fashion Design 전공



Position: Merchandising Assistant

Starting Wages: $25/ hr


• Administrative support that includes inputting style information, writing and following up purchase orders, and emailing vendors/other departments 

• Attend purchasing meeting and trade shows to evaluate current/future designs and accurately fulfill organizational needs for upcoming season and fashion trends

• Managing inventory by generating reports by analyzing top to bottom sellers, price point, categories, and product life cycle weekly and monthly

• Communicate with sales team (trade show and E-commerce) on best sellers and key items to maximize the sale of top selling items

• Additional responsibilities may include assisting trade show and design & production department occasionally

Additional Requirements:

• Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, Merchandising/Management or Business related majors

• Minimum of 5 years of Fashion Retail/Wholesale Experience

• Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel

• High attention to detail

• Ability to make a quick and clear decision

• Team Player

• Organizational mindset

• Bilingual English and Korean

자격 요건:

• 시스템에 스타일 정보 입력, purchase order 작성

• PO 미팅과 Trade Show 참석하며 향후 시즌 및 패션 트렌드를 예측하며 수요에 따라 생산 결정

• 주, 월별 상위 – 하위 제품, 가격대, 카테고리를 분석하여 리포트 생성

• 베스트 상품과 핵심 품목에 대해 영업팀과 소통하며 상품이 판매가 극대화 될 수 있도록 지원

• 추가 책임에는 때때로 다른 부서 지원이 있을 수 있습니다.


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