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Salary: $3,000.00 - $3,757.00

Posted: 08/26/2015 

Location: Sacramento  

Job Description:

“This is a 12 month limited term position that may be extended and/or may become permanent pending budget approval” 

Job Description: 

This position is under the general supervision of the Senior Accounting Officer, Supervisor in the Revolving Fund and Employee Services Unit. The Accountant I, Specialist has the responsibility to process all salary advances, payroll warrants, and payroll accounts receivable, prepares various monthly reports, reconciliations and perform other technical duties as required. 

Desired Qualifications: 

The most qualified candidate will be self-motivated, with good work ethics.

Must exercise excellent communication, interpersonal and customer service skills. 

Must have knowledge of the State and Department's Accounting Systems and have a good understanding of Accounting Reference Guide, State Board of Control Rules and Regulations, State Administrative Manual (SAM), Rehabilitation Administrative Manual (RAM) and /or procedures.

Must analyze situations and take effective action using initiative, resourcefulness and good judgment. 

Make sound decisions and recommendations in regard to the professional accounting problems in maintaining control of departmental budgets and grant funds. 

Must follow oral and written directions.

Must work independently.


Salary: $3,000.00 - $3,757.00

Posted: 08/26/2015

Location: Sacramento  


Good written and oral communication, 10-key calculator, organizational skills, good work habits and attendance, dependability, customer service skills, ability to follow direction and working well with others in a team environment.


Salary: $3,247.00 - $4,271.00

Posted: 08/26/2015

Location: San Diego

SUBMIT APPLICATIONS BY: September 09, 2015



SHIFT: Day Shift [PSN: 420-321-4175-00x]

WORK WEEK: Monday - Friday

BUREAU/SECTION/PROGRAM: Bureau of Gambling Control/Audits & Compact Compliance Section


Under the direction of the Investigative Auditor IV (Supervisor), the Auditor I assists the senior auditors in the following activities related to several types of fiscal operations, administrative audits, background investigations and conducts minimum internal control standards (MICS). As a member of the audit team, the incumbent attends the entrance conference and assists the auditor-in-charge with preparation for this conference; conducts field audit work including the examination and analysis of financial statements, accounting records, contracts, gaming device records, policies, procedures and processes related to MICS, and other processes or documents that may be required by the Gambling Control Act or Tribal-State Compacts. The incumbent analyzes data gathered during the field audit phase and prepares a synopsis of his or her findings for the auditor-in-charge, including the preparation of electronic spreadsheets and graphic charts; and assists in the organization and presentation of all checklists and working papers. In addition, the Auditor I interprets and applies all applicable laws and regulations; assists licensing staff and special agents in determining compliance or the existence of illegal financial activities; captures, maintains, and accesses audit data and files, record audit-related hours, and runs standard reports in the audit database; conducts research of various accounting promulgations to stay current with accounting standards as they are related to the preparation of financial statements, casino operations, and MICS.

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