VITA RICH Vitamin Shower Filter - 3 Packs Exotic Sense Collection

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Hard chlorinated water contaminated with rust particles and other impurities can cause much trouble to your skin and hair, such as itchy skin, eczema, dry, brittle, or flaky hair.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE AN EXPENSIVE SHOWER HEAD FILTER SET! VITA RICH Vitamin shower filter can be used with any standard showerheads by simply incorporating it between the showerhead and shower hose. 
VITA RICH Vitamin shower filter uses our ADVANCED BLOCK SEDIMENT FILTER TECHNOLOGY.  VITA RICH Vitamin shower filter does not contain any loose-packed sand, stony or metal filter material. The block filter eliminates any particulate and rust impurities quickly and effectively.  You can monitor the filtration efficacy visually! 
VITA RICH Vitamin shower filter contains Vitamin C, Aromas, and other natural ingredients formulated into a metastable gel formula.  This formulation is enclosed in a container constructed based on Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamic enabling a SUSTAINED RELEASE of vitamin C and aromas. This technology transforms the VITA RICH shower filter into a long-lasting reservoir of antioxidants and aromas.

VITA RICH Vitamin shower filter is proudly manufactured by BIOCHEM KOREA, LTD, an EPA and FDA registered manufacturer in South Korea. VITA RICH Shower Filter is FDA registered (NDC 74085-0020-1). Our goal is to provide a safe and high-performance shower filter and maximize our customer satisfaction.

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