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저희는 매트리스, Topper, 침대 프레임 등을 생산 수입 판매하는 회사이며
입출고를 담당하실 Warehouse의 Operation Director를 찾고 있습니다.

관심이 있으신 분께서는 inho@grantecintl.com 으로 resume를 보내 주시기 바랍니다.

About the Role

This role will take ownership of all fulfillment strategy, implementation and execution of distribution, warehousing locations and manage all teams to ensure that all teams execute flawlessly.

What you will do

Communicate with (or to) individuals or groups verbally and/or in writing (e.g. customers, suppliers, associates).
Drive and implement the business plan for area of responsibility to achieve facility goals (e.g., production, quality, safety) and implement operational improvements.
Forecast staffing, workload and performance results to meet business demands for workload and performance results for area of responsibility.
Manage warehouse space needs based upon business needs in short term and long term.
Manage inventory in company’s guideline.
Identify and ensure associate, customer and supplier concerns are resolved, using own judgment or consulting others when needed.
Monitor and ensure area of responsibility's compliance with Logistics and company quality and safety standards, policies, procedures and directives

Prepare, review, and/or analyze business reports, and use information to identify operational improvements (e.g., production, quality, safety).
Supervise and manage associates and leaders in area of responsibility
Manage day to day fulfillment operations consisting of customer orders per day, individual items picked and packed, quality assurance, teams local/international, shifts and facilities
Drive cost improvements by developing opportunities for material, labor and overhead cost reductions and fully implement change to achieve results
Drive improvements in on-time delivery, past due backlog, inventory levels, quality assurance, material handling, transport, replenish, pick area, housekeeping through the implementation of best practice management process.
Work closely with local and international teams to manage the introduction and exit of products and materials
Lead inventory mangers locally and internationally and optimize process around the cycle counts and inventory accuracy
Communicate to Executives daily on the strategic plan and execution of order fulfillment activity
Drive continuous improvement in speed of fulfillment with the implementation of new technology

What you will bring

Minimum of 10 years of experience in relevant field and a minimum of 5 years in a management role
Detail oriented with strong organizational skills, excellent written and oral communications skills
Strong problem solver and can think independently
Strong Excel Skills
Strong negotiation and decision making skills
Bilingual language in Korean and English
Job Type: Full-time

급여 수준
- 희망 Salary를 이력서 제출 시 함께 알려 주시기 바랍니다.
- 매년, 인사고과에 따라 급여 조정이 이루어집니다.
- 매년 1월, 전년도 업무 성취도에 따른 보너스가 최대 100%까지 지급됩니다.

- 건강보험(준비 중), 유급 휴가 및 병가, 점심식사 등


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