1 room (separate entry), 1 parking, 아주 큰방, LA 한인타운

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Los Angeles (near Koreatown) 
Mrs Lee 
룸메이트 (여자분)
Big room for rent $830. ( 250. square feet)
Located at Crenshaw and Venice (zip code: 90019 )
깨끗,안전, 아주 큰방$830. 불 (여자분)    -available now

$830. per month plus security deposit $830. separate entrance. Free Inside Parking.

L.A. 한타 깨끗한 독방, 마루바닥, 화장실(2  인 1실)
Free gas, water, twin 침대, free Wi Fi,  냉장고, 식탁  한국마켙,    버스 정류장 가까움 . 안전, 깨끗, 조용
USC, UCLA, Santa Monica College  통학 가능  게이트 내 파킹,  즉시 입주 가능   
 Call :  562-926-1000 Ms  Lee

Large room;  250 square feet with walk-in closet (5 x 6 feet)
Location: near Koreatown. Near Crenshaw and Venice. Near a city library, Starbucks, supermarket.
Security feature: gated entrance  with remote control plus inside parking (you don't need to look for street parking!)
Features: free WiFi, free washer and dryer. Single room has hardwood floors and is furnished with a twin bed. Shared bathroom, shared kitchen. Gas and water utilities included.
Viewing is by appointment. Call or text: 562-292-9937 Ms. Lee
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