$4000-$8,000 per month

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Emax English 
eMAX English School (www.edmax.co.kr),
one of the fastest growing English schools in Daechi-dong, Gangnamgu, Seoul
is looking for English teachers for grades 1-8 students.

We will train you how to teach students and approach Korean culture for you to be a better teacher.
Send your resume to howardhyoo@gmail.com

[5 Most FAQs]
1. The most important qualification factor:  Your passion and commitment to change both your and students' lives.
2. Salary: $3,500 - $4,000 per month guaranteed & up to $70,000 - $100,000 per year possible depending on your performance. (1USD =1,000KRW for convenience)
3. Working Hours: 5 hrs. of teaching per day
4. More than 15-26 days of vacation per year
5. F-4 visa holders and bilingual (English & Korean) prfrd.

1. Record your own mock teaching for about 40 minutes.
    - Explain today's headline from Los Angeles times
      as if you would explain to grade 5 native American students for 20 min.
    - Explain the differences in between present tense and present perfect tense of English grammar
      as if you would explain to grade 4 native American students for 20 min.
    - Send your 40-minute-long mock teaching file or Youtube link to howardhyoo@gmail.com

2. Send your resume to howardhyoo@gmail.com
3. Once you pass both mock teaching and application we will contact you using an email.

대치동에서 가장 빠르게 성장중인 영어학원 중의 한 곳인 eMAX (www.edmax.co.kr)에서
1-8학년 학생들을 위한 영어강사를 모집합니다.

더 좋은 선생님이 되실 수 있도록 교수법과 문화에 대해서 훈련시켜 드립니다.
가장 중요한 자격은 당신 스스로와 학생들의 삶을 변화시키겠다는 열정과 헌신입니다.
howardhyoo@gmail.com 으로 시범강의와 이력서를 보내주세요.

eMAX English School
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