Accounting Associate Needed at Wholesale Manufacturer/Production Assistant

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Accounting Assistant (Data Entry Level)

Job Description:
- Provide scheduling and general HR support
- Coordinate with cross-functional teams as needed
- Data entry in QuickBooks and ERP system
- Assist in daily cash receipt postings
- Preare Monthly Reports

Skills and Qualifications
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office
• QuickBooks experience is a plus, but not require
• Excel experience is a plus, but not require

Production Assistant

•  Knowledge of garment Fabric & Trim
•  Knowledge of garment construction & manufacturing process
•  Multi-faceted, detail-oriented, & highly organized individual
•  Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks
•  Excellent communication and presentation skills
•  Bilingual in Korean and English Preferred

•  Inputting style information into our system
•  Organizing and keeping track of TOPs
•  Organizing Fit Specs
•  Fit Comments
•  Organize/keep all samples in orders

 **Must be eligible to work in the US
***Please Email your Resueme to:
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