JUMBO LOAN without downpayment $500M-$1Billion

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Granada Hills 
1) 5 years corp provision- $ 3,500 purchase of 5 years corp .. only you have company boss of corporation 5
    years old. If you have a boss of corp, you can get $ 250,000.00 immediately.
 We can help you get $ 250,000 - $ 5,000,000 loan. credit 650 is enough score. 

2) $ 250,000 will funded immediately.

3) $ 250,000 - $ 5,000,000 loan will be funded within 4 times processing.

Send me please send me email, medtechdis@yahoo.com     
.If you can not call me by hacker, please send me above mentioned emails.

1) program of getting the loan $ 250,000- $ 5,000,000
 5 years corp provision- $ 3,500 to get $ 250,000 in the first time and- $ 5,000,000 loan in the 2nd time and 3rd time.and 4th time.
2) $ 900,000.00 can take 100% cash program / $ 150,000 fee, no interest fee and no origin payment, but responsible for IRS Tax. No instrument fee $ 15,000,000.00 which was purchased, and no commission.

3) $ 500M funding- $ 1 Billion Program / business plan fee $ 25,000 1) Without down payment even a
 penny, you can be owner. 2) You receive all the benefits of a 3% to lender. 3) Building is transferred through Escrow office. 4) Any one who does not keep a lot of money and only small money $ 25,000.00 to make business plan. 5) Business plan can be made by your self, but if you do not make a business plan, call me or email.

4) Church building $ 500M to $ 1 Billion Program / business plan fee $ 25,000, interest fee 3% -20 year term. Church pastor has a good chance of purchasing building over $ 500M- $ 1Billion. 1) Church owners start
 income income because they have a lot of rental spaces and rental 3% and you
keep others. Why do you keep praying to pray? God with your activities. God never gives you money. So, you can make it by purchasing building program.
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